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9 Blogs About Health Science Worth Reading

Health Science is an area that is constantly changing as new technologies are introduced and new schools of knowledge become more readily accessable to the public. To this end, there are many brilliant minds in the field today who are also blogging, sharing their extensive knowledge with the internet community. Here's a list of 9 Health Science blogs that are actually worth a look.

  1. Student Blogs -- Texas A&M Health Science Center -- Some of the brightest young minds in the industry are blogging about their academic pursuits in Health Science. This blog is great because one can gain a unique perspective on the community as a whole.
  2. Health Science Libraries of Minnesota -- The libraries of the university of minnesota are an excellent resource. To this end, the blog that is maintained for their Health Science Libraries has fantastic insight into this area of study.
  3. Coles Science Center Blog -- NYU is another institution that has significant resources and bright minds in the health science field. The Coles Science Center Blog helps continue NYU's tradition of being an oasis for knowledge in a desert of ignorance.
  4. ScienceBlogs: Medicine & Health -- This blog covers a wide array of topics that can have far reaching significance for many different people. Everything from health, to medical technology is touched on in posts.
  5. LiveScience -- One of the more popular blogs on the internet today, this science blog has a variety of interesting articles that feature keen insight as well as interesting infographics and pictures.
  6. Health/Science |New Jersey Blogs -- New Jersey residents have a lot of things to say when it comes to Health Science. This excellent blog provides a forum for intricate discussions about the subtle nuances of the field.
  7. Health & Science Blog - --, one of the more popular web sanctum's on the internet today has a fantastic blog focused exclusively on the areas of health and science. How these two fields intertwine.
  8. CDC NIOSH Blog -- The center for disease control blogs about many important health and science topics. The government has a significant amount of valuble information to share about this growing field.
  9. Steacie Health Sciences & Math Blog -- This blog covers two very interesting topics; health science, and math. They are related and it leads to some interesting posts that are of use to many people who wish to have a broader view of the field.

So there you have 9 blogs about health science that are actually worth reading. Too much of the internet is full of silly information of use to literally no one. However, these 9 blogs serve as beacons of hope for an otherwise incredibly bleak informational future.