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5 Excellent iPad Apps for Science Nuts

If you’re a science nut and a gadget geek, you probably have an iPad. Here are 5 Apps just for you, whether you are interested in the periodic table, field science, astrophysics, or just playing games.

  1. The big-daddy of science magazines has a new digital version for the iPad: Popular Science. It has been reengineered and redesigned to be especially sleek while maintaining all that’s great about flipping through a paper magazine. Just swipe across to browse, and swipe down to read or view the beautiful integration of images and storytelling.
  2. Science in 3D is an app that brings the periodic table to full stereoscopic life. The elements have never been so exciting, or, so multi-dimensional. Users can also find out the price of gold on the market and gather other fun facts about the elements.
  3. Astronomers may appreciate the Gravilux app on the iPad which allows users to draw with simulated stars using the touch of their fingers. Fingers gather stars using “gravity,” teasing and twisting them to form galaxies, or for the destructively inclined, supernovas.
  4. If you have an interest in field science, the iPad may be the best field computer you could have since there are apps for taking notes, manipulating photos, and maps for finding where you are, as well as a microphone. The National Geographic World Atlas is a good map to start exploring with, though it may only good enough to get you lost and not complete enough to get you found.
  5. The National Geographic’s Spot It! Lite app is a puzzle game that teaches about animals, their habits and habitats. For anyone interested in wildlife, this is a must have app.
  6. However, for science buffs who prefer physics, Newton’s Cradle is an iPad game that puts physics into your hands by letting you play with balls. Shake to reset.
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