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What’s the Average Salary With a Master of Health Science

With the healthcare field being the only well known field that has more job opportunities every year, more and more prospective students are turning to jobs in this sector. Even those who have degrees are deciding to get masters degrees in the medical field to increase their income and their career options. One such popular degree, a master of health science, offers a good starting salary and plenty of benefits.

The Average Salary With A Master Of Health Science

The average salary for someone with a master of health science is difficult to pin down. This is not one of those degrees that puts you on one specific career path. Rather, it is one of those degrees that opens all kinds of doors and allows you to walk through any one of them with confidence.

The average starting salary for individuals with this type of degree is about $57,000 a year but that is just the average starting salary. Those who start out at this number will surely increase their salaries as time goes by but, depending on your career path, you could earn anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000 depending on your job title and the state that you work in.

The Benefits

The benefits of a job in the medical field go far beyond your base salary. They include your health insurance, your vacation time, possible retirement funds, and other perks that can come with jobs in the medical field. When you are wondering how much a job you get with a master of health science pays, you want to factor these in too.

The average salary with a master of health science is affected by many factors. First, you need to consider what type of job you are going to have and the salary that will come with that. Then you need to consider the benefits which can contribute even more.